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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is my youngest, taken in 1973, when he was almost four.
A short time later we moved and were doing a major remodel while still living in the house.
We had installed a new washer and dryer, and Shawn snagged one of the boxes they came in for a playhouse which sat in the livingroom area. We cut windows and a door to make it more fun for him. I also gave him a blanket and an old sheet which had several holes in it.

I had been doing some very intense Bible study at the time and Shawn heard my sisters and I discuss what we were learning.
We never know how much our children pick up from what they hear us say, and we also don't know how they perceive what they hear.

One evening as we were watching TV, Shawn came out of his playhouse door with the holey sheet over his head, and in the spookiest little boy voice he could muster up, he announced, "I'm the holey ghost."

This made perfect sense to him. He saw kids put a sheet over themselves and say they were a ghost, so if the sheet had holes in it, it must be the holey ghost.
I sure laughed and I bet the Lord did too. Posted by Picasa



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