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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here are a few more of my birthday photos.
Kenny & Maddie love popcicles. And see how neat they are? Both have a napkin in their hand.
They love the cookie jar. The lion says, "Get your hand out of my cookie jar' and then it roars a few times when they lift the top. The kids think its the greatest! They liked the chocolate chip cookies too.

I shared my birthday bubble gum with the little ones. Yes I still love bubblegum and keep a large supply in my purse, my computer desk and in my car. I am never without! Here is Maddie showing me she can blow a bubble. Maddie's grandma gave her a hair trim after her five year old sister took her in the bathroom and gave her a scalping....er....haircut.

Hailee came to my party and brought her babydoll too. She's the five year old hairdresser.

And here is Matilda Rose in the new dress and bonnet I made for her especially for the occassion. It has hearts on it.

She made us all smile!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my party and seeing my photos. I sure enjoyed living it! Having family around lifts my spirit and makes me feel about twenty years younger, which makes me about 48 today. Hmmmm.....same age as my youngest daughter.

God Bless All

Please remember to pray for our troops and government leaders. They really need it.



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