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Sunday, May 27, 2007

MEMORIAL DAY REMEMBEREDJust see how my patriotic daughter has decorated her home in honor of this holiday!
Patty-Jo's yard is landscaped beautifully. She's one of those little gals who needs all her ducks in a row and manages it! Did I mention that she is also a Master Gardner?
Below is a copy of a letter written sixty-two years ago to his mother by my Uncle Ted, who served in the Army during WW II, leaving behind a wife Chic, and two small children. In 1945, he was shot in the wrist and hospitalized, then later shipped home. I have the original letter but was not able so scan it for you. (new computer woes)
I should mention that Ted dearly loved his mother who was worried sick for him. As I read this letter I smiled at his effort to reassure his mother of what a 'good time' he was having. Can you imagine? A wounded soldier, away from family having a good time? HA!
May 16 1945
Dear Mom,
Just a short line to let you know that all is well with me. I am at the 39th General Hospital, and having a good time. My wound was nothing to worry about, just a slight wound in the left wrist. It is pretty sore at times, but usually feels pretty good.
We have fine food here, nice soft beds and women nurses, and they sure treat all of us swell.
we see a show every night in a large outdoor theater. I can't tell you where I am but I am quite sure Chic can tell you.
The weather here is hotter than hell and we sleep every night without anything over us. I have everything I need except mail from home, and that probably won't catch up with me for a long time. I don't know how long I will be here, but you write to me here, I might get it.
We have a very nice Red Cross building here, nice soft chairs and lots to read. I am there most of the time. They are always bringing us patients apples and fruit juices between meals. I should gain back my weight in short order.
Well mom, see all the kids for me and give them my love. Kiss my wife and babies for me.
Your son,



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