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Saturday, July 07, 2007

click on them to enlarge
This is a Sumac. I got the start from my mother several years ago. She had the mother plant growing in her back yard. In Autumn the leaves are very colorful and this strange blossom will turn deep red.
This rose I've had so long I don't even know where it came from. I like how it climbs all over the fence and gives lots of blossoms.
This pretty Water Lily is growing in my fish pond. I love the colors and the blossoms and leaves are very large. My goldfish hide beneath this plant from the Blue Heron's that come for lunch.

The old Victorian flower, Rose Campion, grows like a weed around here. At three feet tall it's quite showy, especially with the grey-green foliage and the startling magenta flowers. In this picture it is covering part of a hillside. It re-seeds like crazy.

This odd looking flower is the blossom on my Euphorbia. Isn't it the strangest looking flower? The color is bright lime, almost a chartruse. I like having all the contrasting green shades in my gardens because it makes each individual plant stand out as if to say, "look at me, look at me."

Oh how I wish you could get a sniff of this wonderful rose! Try to imagine all the fragrant roses you have ever smelled, mixed together with a hint of citrus, the tease of a Stargazer Lily, and a dusting of grandma's bath powder, tossed lightly and blown to you on the softest breeze over a patch of wood violets~~~~~~~~~~~~~heavenly!

Each time I look at this large pansy, I think, "this one has an attitude!" Come to think of it, I feel just like this sometimes. LOL

I've shown this rose before. It's one I started from a Mother's Day Rose from my son. I call it my "Shawn Rose." Of course it's very special to me.

A few months ago I noticed the familiar leaves of this little Viola, sprouting from the gravel in a patio area in my back yard. As a flower lover, I couldn't bring myself to yank the wee striving baby up and toss it into the weed bucket. It seems too much like abortion. Now just see my reward? She and all her family smile up at me every time I pass by.

Ahh yes, the delightful snapdragon! In my opinion this is one of the very finest of all flowers for any garden. It tolerates neglect, scorching sun, torrents of rain, doesn't require special soil, it re-seeds beautifully and as a bonus, they come in every shade of yellow, pink, red and white. As far as bouquets are concerned, you won't find many flowers that are easier to arrange and they are long lasting. If you haven't added this one to your collection, do. I guarantee you won't be sorry!

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll through my garden today.

Happy gardening my dear friends!

And may the Good Lord bless you in what ever you are doing today.



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