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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A mossy coat covers this little bird and the dish holds a maple seed for a hungry squirrel.
The bleeding heart drapes over the cedar rail reaching for the sun.

Springs delight. The tiny Forget-Me-Not shyly opens her lovely blue petals And brings a smile to my face.

Oh glory of glories!!! The heirloom Lilac in all her sweetness blooms.
The Lord's Angels carry this fragrance to our heavenly Father.

A maple blossom. Yes even the Maple trees bloom. Each small flower will become a helicopter like seed. In the late fall when they have dried they will break loose and spin to the ground where those the squirrels don't eat will become a new tree. Right now I have thousands of seedlings in my yard. Want a tree? LOL
The red peony is eager to show her loveliness. This bud is ready to burst open with a multitude of fragrant, satiny petals. She is a show off!
I call her pink princess. I don't know the true name of this sweet little tulip but she is so dainty and precious, all trimmed in white and opening her petals to the sun.
Another delightful pink blossom!! This was one of those end of season plants that had lost it's tag. I remember the price was $1.50. I love surprises and this one thrilled me. Is she not a delicate beauty? I have a blue Butterfly bush growing behind her.
This little row of tulips is three years old. The bulbs are multiplying nicely. Those little yellow 'flowers' I did not plant. I guess the Lord thought I needed them.

The Spanish Bells have multiplied incredibly well. They are growing all over the place! The purple seems to be the most prolific but I also have white and pink. I love them! There are Columbine growing behind this clump.

Here's a macro shot of the white Spanish Bells. It's so pristine against the green foliage and blue sky. You'll have to excuse the angle. I had to hold my camera down by my toes and they couldn't use the view finder. LOL
Little Matilda thoroughly enjoyed her run around the back yard while I was taking pictures but she and her friend Toodles were waiting for me on the deck. They wanted a drink of water.
Toodles says, "hurry up mama!! I'm a thirsty boy." He is six years old now and Matilda is five. Time sure flies when we are having fun!

"And He walks with me and He talks with me..."
I love this path in the lower garden.
A praise report!
My friend John's doctor did an exam last week and told him he no longer has cancer in his prostate. We are giving God glory!!
His doctor told him the cancer is probably somewhere else in his body but we are rebuking that lie of Satan. When God heals us of our illness he does not relocate it!
Thank you Lord God Almighty!
Thank you all for your prayers for John.
John thanks you too.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


I don't think I'm this old yet. LOL!

I snagged this from the net. Don't they look sweet?
I wonder if the blue color is natural or photo shop?
Another glorious sunset, I would never get tired of seeing them.

A friendly butterfly, (painted Lady I think) sunning herself.

When Sir Toodles was a puppy he loved to sleep in this basket. I put the fluffy fabric in for him and he was right at home. He looks a little perturbed at being disturbed. LOL

This is an oldie! See all the ladies are wearing aprons. They were making a holiday dinner, probably Thanksgiving. Three are my father's sisters, Pauline, Vivian and Phyllis Banks and the cute little pregnant lady second from the right is my mother Irene. Guess who is in her tummy?
Yep, it's me! It was taken in 1938
In 1985 my mom and I crocheted dozens of ornaments, Doilies, baskets, fans, containers, picture frames, bells and I don't know what all. We ever crocheted bottle cozies. I wore out a steel crochet hook in the process. We took our craft to a fair and sold a lot, then put some in a consignment shop. It was a fun project and I am so glad mom and I could do it together!

Isn't he pretty? His antlers are growing and in velvet. He looks so proud.
Actually he was probably feeling quite satisfied too because he had been eating my flowers
I am asking for prayer for our friend Mary who had a heart attack and is going to have surgery.
And for my friend John who is suffering with that horrid cold right now, also his PSA numbers took a hike from 26 to 41 so if you are led to hold him up it is very appreciated.
God bless you all.


Monday, April 05, 2010


My granddaughter Miranda who was recently Baptised found some candies for her children that actually represent the occasion. I am so happy to see proper symbols instead of all the usual rabbits and birds and I am very proud of her for the Godly lessons she is teaching her children. Way to go honey girl!
The big basket of candy for everyone has become a family tradition. I haven't heard anyone complain either. LOL!

Here are some of the children waiting for the egg hunt with the 'big people' who will help. The kids were so excited that it was hilarious to watch them. It was all they could do to stand still long enough for me to take this picture.

Victoria is three this year so this is really the first egg hunt she understood. Being quite a bit younger than the other kids, we let her hunt alone first until she had about half a dozen eggs. You wouldn't believe how fast those little legs can run. I sure got a kick out of her as in her excitement she just began running in a big circle forgetting for a moment that she was on an egg hunt!
When the other kids joined in the fun she became so wound up she was giggling and running all over the place. I loved watching her.

Here is my precious Princess Hailee. She spent most of the afternoon carrying her cousin Aimee's little chihuahua Tucson around in her jacket. She said the dog was cold. Tucson loved his warm bed as well the affection Hailee gave her.

After a huge feast and the egg hunt we all sort of sat back to catch our breath. My daughter brought out a surprise for us. Her daughter Aimee is expecting a baby girl the first of July and we got to see a video of the last ultra sound. This picture shows the Baby's head, hands and feet. I just want to hug her.
Aimee is being treated for high blood pressure. We are doing a lot of praying for her and the baby. Apparently there is some concern. I will be more specific when we get the next report. In the meantime your prayers will be very appreciated.

My new Great Granddaughter will be named Lillian Isabella. Her nickname will be Lily Belle as you can see posted above her crib. ( My maternal grandma's name was Lillian so this tickles me) Her mama loves horses and all things western so Baby Lily will begin her life surrounded by the things her mama loves. Her Grandma Kathy made her a darling western quilt. I'll get a photo of it posted soon.
This week my youngest daughter and I will be planning and shopping for the baby shower. I am a little excited. Can you tell? LOL!

I was shocked to see the baby's closet is fully stocked. Three sections that look like the one above. One section for newborn to three months, another for up to 6 or nine months and still another with larger clothes and believe me every outfit is absolutely precious. I am so amazed at all the gorgeous clothes that are being made for babies these days.

This little dress is newborn to three month size. I fell in love with it but when I saw what was under it I couldn't believe my eyes!

"She wore an itsy-bitsy- teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini"
YES!! it actually is a bikini!
I hope your Resurrection Day celebration was as wonderful as mine.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Wishing you a blessed Resurrection Day!"
"And behold, there was a great earthquake; for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.
His contenance was like lightning and his raiment white as snow. And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.
And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye, for I know that you seek Jesus which was crucified. He is not here; for
He is risen"
Matthew 28: 2-6


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