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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My friend John had a scan that shows areas on four or five bones that were diagnosed as cancer. He see's his doctor on March 4th, and I believe they will set a date for biopsy's then. Sometimes spots on bones look like cancer but are actually calcium deposits. They look the same on the scans. We are praying this is the case.
Thank you for your continued prayers.



Blogger Rachel said...

I will remember your friend in prayer and I pray that it is only calcium deposits. Cancer is such an awful disease.

I was looking back at the beautiful photos you posted. You certainly live in a lovely area of the country!

Blogger Granny Annie said...

Continued prayers for God's strengthening comfort in John's life and yours.

Blogger Where the Green Grass Grows said...

I will be praying for your friend. God bless him and he will be in my prayers.

Blogger Kerri said...

Hi Bev. I will certainly pray for John. What an ordeal. He sounds like such a strong person to have endured so much already.
My hubby, Ross, is in hospital again with pneumonia. He went by ambulance on the 15th, so this is the 6th day. He's still very weak. Recovery is slow with his compromised lungs. We would truly appreciate your prayers.
I loved seeing your beautiful photos in the earlier post. No time for blogging at the moment.
Hugs dear Bev.

Anonymous Teresa a.k.a. Pokey said...

Thank you for the update. I will continue to keep him in prayer.


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