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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


 The heirloom Gravenstein Apple tree is like a pink and white cloud. I am praying for pollinators so there will be many apples to share.

 I have a few double daffy's. I love how the sun shines through the petals.

 This tulip always makes me smile. The pointed tips on the petals give it sort of a prissy look.

 I don't know what this sweet flower is. It comes back every year. The flowers are on a tall spike. I love the purple and blue.

Here's the lovely heirloom Lilac my daughter Patty gave me. I wish I could share it's heavenly fragrance as well as the picture.

 This is the east side of my front yard with the old Apple tree. The midnight bloom is really nice right now and all my Rhody's are blooming nicely just in time for Mother's Day.

My daughter Kathy gave me this little greenhouse a few years ago I as you can see I am having a wonderful time with it. Right now I have Tarragon growing and several kinds of flowers, Portulaca, Pansy. Aubretia etc. Also some squash, and a few twigs from my neighbors gorgeous red Camelia that I am trying to start. Oh yes there are also several small Cyclamens I started from seed that I found on my plant.

Heirloom Green beans from seed my daughter Patty gave me that she got from Thomas Jeffersons Estate a few years ago. I grew these last year and they are delicious! Thanks Patty.

 One of my favorite places to be. Under a bunch of my sweet grandkids. Taken around 1993.
Aimee is on the left holding a stuffed toy, Johnny in the center and Britty on the right. These kids are all grown up now and granny is much, much older.

This is one of my favorite pictures. My girls, Joan, Patty, me, Kathy and Cyndi. This was taken a few years back on Blanchard Mountain here in Bellingham. I wish my two sons had been with us that day. The view of the bay and islands is spectacular. Sunsets are awesome.
Well it's been a while since I posted but I finally found my way back. Blogger is changed....again!! Wish they would leave things alone.
I hope you are all enjoying some warm Spring days and your flowers blessing you.



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