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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm back!
I've been away too long. I hope I haven't been forgotten! Spring is here and once again I am drawn to the flower gardens, camera in hand to capture the beauty our Father has blessed us with.

This Rhody is the most delicate lavender and it looks like an Orchid to me. I love it. We have had so much rain that I'm surprised anything can bloom.

 These are the flowers of some kind of tiny hen & Chick plant. You can see it better if you enlarge it. The tiny red dots in the center seem to draw these little black beetles.

 Here is an Iris I have posted before.It's so pretty. I used to have it growing beside my fish pond but had to move it when I filled in the pond. Blue Heron's and raccoons ate the fish and dedtroyed my beautiful pink water lily. I wonder what Roasted Raccoon and Barbequed Blue Heron taste like? LOL

 I need to post a picture showing the entire plant. This is Clematis Paul II. This year there are so many blossoms I couldn't possible count them. I have fish net up so the deer can't eat them, one of the reasons there are so many flowers. I didn't use any fertilizer on it this year but last fall I dumped grass clippings around it. I think I'll be doing that again!

This is apparently a cross between a white and a lavender Foxglove. I like the delicate pink. These blossoms always look sweet and shy.

 Here is my gorgeous and very fragrant Patty Rose. As always it's blooming up a storm. When I step out to the back deck the wonderful smell greets me. Unfortunately we are having a horrible plague of tent caterpillars. They are everywhere. I cut a lot off the old Gravenstein Apple tree and the Fuji tree too but they are in the gravel, the dirt and the grass too. I sure hope we don't have them next year! They can defoliate a branch in no time at all.

The last red peony of the year. It had been raining so it's covered in rain drops. There's a fly hiding under a petal trying to stay dry. I had never thought about it before but I suppose if their wings get wet they wouldn't be able to fly very well. Does that make me feel sorry for them? Nope!

 The Hen & Chicks growing in this old teaketle came from my late mother in law who was born in 1892,  I'm so glad I could get a start. I love using old things to plant in. I have an old beat up bucket that is growing pansies this year. I have my moms teakettle too but it isn't shaped right for planting in.

Two of my nieces are visiting from Colorado. Here they are in the dark pink shirt and in the red, white and blue heart shirt. The other three are my girls.

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day celebration. I stayed home and ate soup! LOL
Be blessed!


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