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Thursday, September 28, 2006



This is my grandson David when he was a little guy around two years old. In this photo, He has just been found playing in a container of old motor oil of some sort and brought into the house to be cleaned up. It took some doing but he finally came out shiny clean and the oil was disposed of.
In this photo he looks as though he's wondering why he can't continue to play in that black stuff.
Aren't kids fun!!

This is the same little guy who when around that same age, asked for a cookie. I told him to wait until after lunch.
Davie has always had a profound sweet tooth and waiting until after lunch was just too much for him.

So he ran to me and hugged my leg as tight as his little arms would allow and said, "I wub ya fweety." interpretation: 'I love you sweety, now give me the cookie."
What's a granny to do. Davey got cookies. Lots of cookies. Posted by Picasa



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