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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here's my pup's. Both have a bone in their mouth so look sort of odd.
I have been boiling up lots beef rib bones, cutting off all the fat and most of the meat (disposing of that. It's pure cholesterol) and freezing the bones. Then I thaw and give the pups each one a week to chew on. If the bones get too dry I dump them because they could splinter. I am desperately trying to get their teeth clean.
To have the vet clean their teeth is about $155. each. They have to put them to sleep to do it.

It sounds crazy, but apparently peridontal disease is very common in our little furry friends. I don't remember any of our dogs having this problem when I was a child. They never had shots or license either.
In dogs, up close to the gums, there is a slight indentation in the teeth. Plaque gathers there and works up under the gumline, causing ulcerations and lots of pain. I tried a toothbrush and doggy toothpaste but my boy dog, Tudie was terrified of it. He still runs when he sees a toothbrush. Maybe he thinks it is a strange blue critter with very stiff fur.

I sure don't want my little Pups to have toothaches!
If you have any advice I would sure love to know about it. Posted by Picasa



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