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Tuesday, October 10, 2006



When I am good, I am very, very good and when I am bad I have to put my nose in the corner!

I really don't believe there are 'bad' children, I do believe they need to be corrected and disciplined. 'How' they are disciplined depends entirely on the individual child and the offense.
I believe what the Bible says about disciplining our children.

In the past several years it seems that many parents don't believe in discipline at all, and everything their children do is cute, excusable or ignored.
Many have grown to be disrespectful, demanding and self serving.
I don't believe it is a coincidence that so many children today are in serious trouble.
The prisons and jails are packed, and criminals are walking free because there is no place for them.
When we bring back the teachings of Almighty God, and put them into action, I believe we will see a change.

There are many teachings in the Bible about disciplining our children. Proverbs has a lot on the subject.
Dr. Dobson's book, Dare To Discipline, is a good read for Christian and even for non Christian parents. Posted by Picasa



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