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Sunday, October 01, 2006


It’s hard to say when or how I became a Christian. I was born into a Christian family so Christ has always been in my life.
However I must give my maternal grandma credit for helping me to understand God’s love and showing me how to have a personal relation ship with Him. Grandma didn’t just speak it she lived it. She taught us to love one another and to forgive our enemies. If she hadn’t done it herself I would not have learned. She set an example and in my soul I knew she was like Jesus, so I wanted to be just like her.

She took us to a big white church, where we heard Bible stories, many of which grandma had already told us.
One Christmas the Sunday School teacher brought out a pretend birthday cake, made of metal and painted with cream color and pink decorations and told us we were going to sing happy birthday to Jesus. The cake was chipped and dented, rather dirty and looked awful. I was the most mortified eight year old, little girl you can imagine. How could they offer something like this to my sweet baby Jesus? It brought me to tears and I vowed to myself that someday I would make Jesus a really pretty cake.
When I grew up I started a cake decorating business that kept me quite busy for several years, and although the cakes were for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, each one was really for Jesus.

When I was fourteen, my dad drove mom, grandma and me to our Pastor's church in Canada which is not far from where we live. Our Pastor had home church meetings during the week in our town, but his main church was in canada and had a baptism pool. All of us were baptized that evening and on the way home there was a lot of singing and laughing in the car. I had never heard or seen my dad so happy. We could actually 'feel' the presence of the Lord in the car with us.
We were all filled with the Holy Spirit and there is no other happy like He gives!

Over the years my relationship with the Lord has changed. It has grown in a variety of directions.
I have learned that the best source of information is as close as my Bible.
My relationship with the Holy Spirit has become very strong and I pray it will become stronger still.
I have received gifts of the Spirit, which have enriched my life significantly, and I know that my happiness is fuller if I can keep my focus on my Lord and His love and faithfulness.
My prayer is that all the world will come to know and love Him.



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