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Sunday, October 29, 2006


This is a true story of Halloween night at my house last year.

On halloween night I opened my door to four trick-or-treaters, dressed like a skeleton, a pumpkin, a vampire and something unidentifiable. One I recognized as a neighbor boy, through layers of face paint.

I live at the end of a dead end street without street lights, in a quiet neighborhood. The night was black as coal so I could barely see the silhouetted heads of their mothers in the street in front of my house, as they patiently waited in the drizzling rain.
I dropped fistfuls of sugary treats into the boy's bags, smiling at the squeaky little boy voice saying 'thank-you' from the fanged, bloody mouth of a ferocious vampire.

Just as these brave boys turned to leave there was a horrific flash of lightning and the immediate explosion of thunder. It sounded like a bomb. My front deck shook, and the windows rattled, as for a split second the flash of lightning cast terrifying shadows on the trees in my front yard.
I should have felt sorry for the boys, but when I saw them running in four directions as fast as their legs could carry them, screeching like little girls, I couldn't control my laughter.
I'm sure they thought they had visited an old witch because I was laughing like one as they ran.

I wonder if they will be back this year? Posted by Picasa



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