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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


After a few weeks of rain and wind, today the sun made a welcome appearance.
It lifted my spirits so much, I cleaned house, sweeping and mopping, dusting and rearranging. Ahhhh! It feels good to have the place clean again.
My Puppies were eager to get out and run, having been housebound throughout the rainy days. The temp has only been in the high forties so I put their coats on them, and let them out to the fenced in back yard, where they ran their little legs off. And dug more holes in their play area.
Yorkies don't have an undercoat so they get chilled easily.
I always go out with them because large birds, raccoons and a few other critters would love to have my little puppies for lunch. I keep a three prong pitch fork handy, just incase I ever need it.
I heard of a lady releasing her little dog from it's leash at a rest stop, and an eagle swooped down and took the poor little thing. I don't want that to happen to my dogs.

Because of a back problem I wasn't able to do much in my flower gardens this summer, so now that the back is a little better, I am trying to clean them out for spring blooming.
While puppies had their playtime, I cut back some blackberries that were coming through the fence from the neighbor's yard, and clipped back the concord grape, as well as many dried flower stalks.
I was wearing a heavy flannel shirt and a stocking cap but had failed to put on warm shoes. Needless to say my feet got wet and very cold.
When I came in, I peeled off the wet sox and put on house slippers, then had to give the pups a foot bath to get the mud cleaned off before they got it all over the house. You can't imagine how much mud gets trapped between their toes!
After they were dried, the two of them curled up on their fuzzy blanket on the couch and immediately fell asleep. Apparently all that fresh air and exercise wore them out.

Now here I sit, finally warming up, with a cup of Liptons Gentle Orange herbal tea slightly sweetened, and wool sox on my feet.
I think all that fresh air and exercise wore me out too!



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