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Thursday, November 16, 2006



"He rammed scissors into the base of her scull to make an opening for the syringe he shoved in to suck her brains out, as her legs kicked desperately and her fingers clenched in pain. Her scream was silent, her body convulsed in the throes of death.
Then she was still. The puddles of blood were witness to the violence of her torture and murder.
He callously tossed her still warm and twitching body into the trash receptacle, pulled off his bloody gloves and tossed them on top of her.
He joked with his comrades about this being number fifteen already today, twenty more this afternoon and we have broken our record!"

Sounds like a hideously, gruesome murder, doesn't it.
Well you are right.
That is exactly what partial birth abortion is. Murder.
You would be surprised at how many people approve of this atrocity,
Even knowing exactly what takes place.
Hearts have become hardened and Satan is laughing.
Please go see and/or hear hear Ken's post about this. It is very informative and tells us how we can help stop this hateful sin.
Dear Lord God forgive us for letting it go this far. Posted by Picasa



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