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Friday, January 26, 2007


Once upon a time there was a little girl who asked a lot of questions.
She was about four years old and there was so much to learn.
One day as she was exploring the family bathroom, she saw a blue box with some cottony things inside. Pulling one out she took it into the kitchen where her mommy was making lunch. "Whats this?' the little girl asked.
The mommy, caught off guard, sputtered the first thing that came to her. "Those are for when we have a sore throat." she answered. "Go put it back now." The little girl accepted the answer, and her curiosity satisfied, she returned the cottony thing to its box like a good little girl.
A few days later Mommy needed to go to the corner store. It was a very cold winter evening so as the mommy bundled up, her little girl did the same, and even pulled the collar of her heavy wool coat up to meet her white fur hat 'so jack frost couldn't bite her anyplace,' she said.
Once at the store, while mommy was choosing the items she needed, the little girl, stood directly in front of the elderly Mrs. Nevers who was the store owner, and proceeded to unbutton her coat and pull off her hat so she could proudly show off her sore throat 'things.'
A soft smile crept over Mrs. Never's tired, wrinkled face, as the little girl announced, "I have a sore throat."
The mommy turned to see her darling daughter smiling delightedly with two Kotex pads pinned around her neck, with the tails sticking out like flags.
The horrified and very humiliated mommy's face first turned a deadly shade of blue-white, then turned a deep red color, which clashed with her red hair. When she was able to speak, she ordered her darling daughter to button her coat right now! She paid for her groceries, grabbed the bag in one hand and her daughter with the other, lifting her off the floor she shoved her out the door.
All the way home mommy was silent. The little girl didn't know what was the matter but she knew she had done something bad because of how mommy nearly jerked her arm off at the store.
When they got home, Mommy removed the sore throat 'things' and told the little girl that they were just for 'big people' and she wasn't to touch them again.
She didn't, but she sure wondered why Mommy was so upset about it.
The End
Yes, this really happened. The Mommy was mine and I was the little girl who put suggestion into action.
My mom laughed about this in her later years.
I had three daughters and told them the truth.
I remembered this incident after reading Merles blog today.



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