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Friday, March 02, 2007

Today has been one of those rare days when I feel energetic and try to catch up on all the work I have been ignoring throughout the winter. I defrosted and cleaned the big freezer, did about two hours worth of sewing and another hour of ironing, baked a Raspberry-Rhubarb pie not to mention all the usual chores like floors, dishes, dogs, etc. Man am I ever tired tonight! I'm going to hug my bed!

I saw this little plaque at the mini mall near my home and couldn't resist it. Having two failed marriages behind me, I have no doubt that Chocolate is a lot safer. Oh yes, I am also a bubble gum aholic, if there is such a thing. I have loved that stuff since I was about four. I can still blow bubbles and even blow a bubble inside another. A big hit with the great grandkids, but messy as heck if they pop all over my glasses! LOL

These are Tiger Lilies. When I was a child they grew wild in the woods behind our home. My sisters and I used to pick armloads for mom. All of her quart canning jars were packed full of them. Whenever I see them now I think of her and remember how delighted she tried to act when we brought them in. These in the picture are growing in my yard, thanks to a young boy in Georgia, who send me the bulbs (corms) when we were involved in a seed exchange.

Now for my most exciting news. Any day now I will get to hold my thirteenth great grandbaby. She isn't here yet but is due anytime. Her name will be Victoria Star but we will call her Tori. Her mama is a very beautiful young lady and her big brother is as handsome as can be, so we know that Tori will be a beauty. I can't wait to hold her and pray blessings over her.

When she comes, I'll post a picture.

Have a wonderful Week-end and please remember our brave Troops in your prayers.



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