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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Certain members of my family have been accused of having a wicked sense of humor. I believe it was inherited from my maternal grandma, Lillie. I know it is wrong to laugh when someone falls or does some other klutzy thing, but there is something inside me that I have absolutely no control over, and it just bubbles up like a live volcano until it erupts into some horrible Hyena sounding noises.
That's what happened as I was thumbing through an old Reader's Digest today and came across this cartoon. I think it's hilarious. Yes I do feel sorry for the dog. And yes I believe this could actually happen, not only to a dog or cat, but to a small child, and the thought of it started that volcano bubbling again.
Does anyone else have a problem with this strange sense of humor? Maybe we are related!

It was around 60 degrees today, so I planted over one hundred Tulip bulbs. They were mixed colors so it will be fun when they bloom. I also planted three bags of Paper Whites. They haven't done well for me in the past so I hope they will surprise me this time.

Today was Toodles' first time outside to run free in the fenced back yard since his surgery. He and Miss Tildy had a wonderful time. Both are sound asleep now on pillows I have for them here in my office.

Have a great weekend dear friends and don't forget to keep our troops and our country leaders in your prayers.



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