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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I gave this McCoy cookie train to my folks around 1965. Dad worked for the Great Northern railroad for many years. My sister gave me the Great Northern Railway coffee mug.
I found this old badge or button in my yard when I was digging a new flower garden. On the back is small a circle to one side and inside the circle it says, WC 1812. It has a threaded post.
This is an old liquor decanter. The gold colored cap pulls off and the bottle top is exposed. When you lift the decanter up it plays, "How Dry I Am." I inherited this from my aunt Pauline Banks, who was born in 1906.
This clock belonged to my parents. I don't know where they got it but the whale oil used in the gears had frozen it up and it didn't work anymore. I took it to a repairman who showed me how to slowly drip sewing machine oil onto the old tar like whale oil until it would free up. It now runs just great.

This little guy never had a name. He was a wedding gift in 1955 from my Paternal grandmother, Hannah Ecalbarger who was born in 1884. A lot of hands of all sizes have lifted the top to find a cookie treat inside. The tablecloth he sits on was made from heavy duty feed sacks and embroidered by the grandma who gave me the cookie jar.

What can I say. I'm a yard sale junkie! I found this dish in the bottom of a box of old clothes. Paid a fortune for it too. All of twenty-five cents!

The back looks like there was an attachment for a brooch, but is missing now. Discolored with age and elements, this rather homely piece was always in my mothers button jar. I don't know where it came from and have not seen any others like it.
My Maternal grandma Lillie Fitzpatrick, who was born in 1891, wore this brooch on a navy blue duster coat. She always wore a hat when she went anyplace. She looked as elegant as a queen, and she was the sweetest, most loving lady God ever created.
I thought I would post some odds and ends to see if anyone knows anything about them.

There's lots more to come.



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