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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Lilac comes to life when the warm sun caresses her.

Sassy little Tulips better slow down or Jack Frost will bite their noses!

The Rhubarb is always eager to make an early appearance. It's covered in frost, but doesn't seem to mind at all.

It doesn't look like much now but come June this little plant will have leafed out and be covered with sweet, juicy berries that the birds and I will fight over.

Meet the Swingers!

I have had the flu and haven't done any blogging for a while. Although I'm doing a lot better I'm still not a hundred percent, so just want to sleep a lot.

My daughter and I are giving a baby shower on Saturday for my 13th great grandchild. We shopped today and I am totally wiped out. We will get everything ready tomorrow so won't have much to do on Saturday. I'll be taking pictures at the shower and will try to get some posted if blogger will allow it.

My little girl Yorkie is in heat and that has sure been a hassle. I have to keep her and Toodles separated because we don't want puppies. They are not happy about the situation at all and are very verbal about it. Toodles has an appointment to get neutered on the 8th. I thought we would have a few more months before Tildy came in heat again but she fooled me and came in early. Sweet little rascal!

Please remember to pray for our troops and our country.

God Bless All



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