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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is another liquor decanter. I found this one at a yard sale for five dollars. I'm not sure why I bought it because I don't like taste of alcohol. I don't believe it is wrong to drink it in moderation but I'd rather have coffee.
This is the inside of it.
My mother gave me this little necklace. It was put on me when I was born. This is how they used to keep track of which baby belonged to which mama. It's supposed to be spelled Banks (my maiden name) but they ran out of 'a's so used an 'e.' I can't believe my neck was ever that small!
The vase was a bridal shower gift from one of my girl friends. I always liked it. I bought the basket in Hope, British Columbia, while on a road trip in the 60's

Here are the most famous boots in our family. They were purchased in 1957 for my firstborn when she was a year old. Then came her sister's Kathy, and Cyndi and brother's Michael and Shawn. Then there were twelve grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren. All have had these boots on. Hailee loved them and even though she couldn't get her fat little feet all the way inside, she clomped around like a real little cowgirl.



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