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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here's a few close-up shots of some of the quilt pieces.
Click on them to enlarge.
This little blue stocking kept my Mikey's tootsies warm when he was around seven months old

The little red stocking kept my Shawnie's tootsies warm when he was about a year old.
The spider web has tiny beads sewn on to resemble dew drops. The little white doily was crocheted by my aunt Pauline who was born in 1906. And to the right bottom is me, pulling weeds!

The blue flowered piece is from my apron, which I wore for years. The thing resembling a spoon, "Aggie"is for a silver spoon mom had from the beginning of her marriage. We used her for making cakes and lots more. Aunt Elaine broke her and I'm still ticked about it! The black bottom kettle is for one that mom and my aunt and grandma all shared. It was blackened because it fit down into the fire when the lid was removed from the wood cookstove.

Hidden behind the tall Elm trees is the house my grandpa and great grandpa built, and where my father was born in 1917.

Ok, ok, I know. Panties do not belong in a quilt, but these are special. All three of my little girls wore them, They were the 'big girl panties' they were rewarded with when they learned to use the potty.

This is my G-G-Grandpa Jacob Ecalbarger who spent a year in the Clarion County Jail for stealing a beehive. It's not nice to steal, but I think he was very brave just the same. He could have chosen something that didn't sting.

My grandson Johnny embroidered this little duckling for me when he was around two. His mom made sure he didn't get poked but he did all the needling.
This piece is for all of the Irish Kings in my ancestry. They go back many years and I sure wish I knew more about them and their lives!

My Mikey got a dirt bike when he was around nine. I have a photo of him on it and tried to make a likeness for my quilt.

My Great grandparents, Andrew and Lovina Ecalbarger lived in a log house behind Keith's store at Ferndale, Washington. I know this because their granddaughter Pauline told me so.

Here's Great-Great Grandma Betsy scrubbing clothes & smoking her pipe. She is wearing a black necklace she made from her long black hair and Indian beads. She was an Indian lady. Her man was the beehive thief.

This is the sweet little house where I grew up. Mama's in the garden and Dad is building a boat. See our black dog Kernal across from the house? He looks like a black blob. Oh yes the little brown building 'out-back' is exactly what you think it is.

Yep, Charlemagne is in my family tree too. La-de-dah!

According to my genealogy research, Clovis and Clothilde were my many times removed Great grandparents. There is info about them on the internet.



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