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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Meet Victoria Star 'Tori"
Born last night after just four hours of labor to a very brave mama who had natural childbirth. Really! no epidural. I could have used one myself! It's hard to watch your loved ones in such horrible pain.

Tori weighed in at six pounds fifteen ounces and is twenty inches long. Just a wee little bundle. She is a strong little thing with a good grip and a loud cry. To witness her birth were her two aunties, her grandma and her great grandma (me) as well as three nurses and the doctor.

I took over seventy-five pictures at the birth, and just finished runnning them through photoshop. I have them on a CD along with the pictures of the Ultra Sound when we were told "It's A Girl" as well as all the pictures I took at the Shower Patty and I had for her. The CD is a gift for Tori's brave Mama.

Tori's Big Brother Kenny, who is three, and his cousins are anxiously waiting to meet her.

WOW! what a night. I need a nap today!



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