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Sunday, March 04, 2007


This is my patty-Jo at six years taken at our annual Christmas Party.
I always called her Princess Pat. Can you see why?

This is my Kathy Sue at age five at the same Christmas party. I always called her my Angel. Obvious, isn't it?

This is my baby daughter Cyndi Lynn at three and a half. We all called her 'Baby,' even her younger brother. When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said she wanted to be the Queen. I must say that as a young woman now, she is just as regal as any queen ever was.

Here's Mikey! Named Michael Frederick., he is fourteen months in this photo. His three older sisters liked to play 'Baby Moses' with him. He is in his old bassinett which he had outgrown many months before. The girls would push him all over the floor pretending to push him into the river. It kept them busy for a while and Mikey enjoyed the ride.

This is my youngest, Shawn Darren. He came along when the other children were all school age. My husband was totally absorbed in his business and didn't have much time for family at the time. I longed for another child. Only God knows what a blessing this child has been to me, as they all have been and still are.

They are now aged 50, 49, 47, and the youngest is 37.

We lost Mikey in 1990, but if there are birthdays in Heaven, he was 46 on the 14th of January.

Thanks for letting me reminisce and do a little bragging. I'm a mama, need I say more?



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