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Thursday, March 29, 2007

the following came from a Pro-Life newsletter I receive.
"Recently the evening news reported the touching, but soulful story of how our Soldiers responded in the face of death and tragedy.
The nightly news was on sight near Tikrit Iraq, filming inside a mash army hospital. The call went out for all Soldiers on base to report to the Army tent to give blood.
And who were they giving blood to? Four enemy Soldiers who were caught setting up a roadside bomb, that detonated before they were done.
Our troops rushed these four men to the Army tent, but were low on blood, so got in line to donate, and when asked by the reporter, "do you know who this blood will be used for?" the first Soldier in line said, "I do" The reporter said, "why would you do this?" He replied,
We salute our troops for the untold sacrifices they make every hour of every day, protecting our freedom and serving mankind.
I am wondering how these Iraq men feel about having the blood of their enemy running through their veins.



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