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Thursday, May 31, 2007

(And all the other ones too!)

A once popular song claimed that God didn't make little green apples. Well here's proof that He did and does! These little emerald gems are gifts of the dear old Gravenstein tree whose blossoms I posted earlier.
Ordinarily seeing little green apples on an apple tree probably wouldn't be anything to blog about, but in this case, I really need to share.
Last year there were very few apples due to a late frost, and also because this tree is so old and so huge that I can't prune it.
I have never used any type of sprays on it so it's basically under the care of the Lord.
As many of you probably know the use of pesticides has killed off many of our honey bees, so pollenization is also a serious problem.
Not many years ago I could stand under this tree and watch and hear swarms of honeybees at work.
This year I went out several times hoping, praying for the bees to come and pollinate, but I truly did not see one single bee of any kind. I was hoping for a good crop to share with family, but it looked like that was not going to happen.
Then one day as I was wandering in my yard, I glanced at the dear old tree again, and as the feeling of hopelessness began to fall on me, I realized that there was still hope.
I prayed, "Lord, send the bees to pollenate all the fruit trees for your children."
I simply dropped it right there and left the problem with him.
For the past few weeks I have kept busy with the many projects I have going, but twice I have gone out to have a look.
As you can see, the blossoms were pollinated. I don't know how He did it. Maybe he sent angels with little paint brushes to fly around and see to this prayer, maybe a swarm of bees came when I wasn't looking. However it happened, I KNOW it was because my lord heard my prayers and he loves me.
Thank you father.
Oh yes, the little Fugi tree in my back yard, that I severly pruned and did not expect any fruit from this year was also visited.
Coincidence? Not a chance!



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