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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Winter is a gray world.

Across the street from my house used to be a big field with grass as tall as my chin, Several clumps of Hardhack, a few blackberry vines, some cattails, and a lot of Teasel. After a heavy snowfall I couldn't resist going out with my camera to capture the beauty.
The marshmallow looking things are actually snow covered Teasel. The dried seed pods are shaped in a way that the snow was able to cling quite well even though it was heavy enough to bend the stiff Teasel stems, giving the picture a sort of dreamy look. There was no sun this day as the snow clouds hung low and added several more inches of snow later that afternoon. Unfortunately the pictures I took that day are quite dark but I think you can get the general idea.

The field is gone now and two houses sit there. The field was better.

Today the temperature here is 95 degrees on my front deck which has a southern exposure. My house is a comfortable 74. I thought seeing a picture of the icy snow might give us a psychological cool-off.

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