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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Today I had my four year old great grandson for a short time while his mommy was at an appointment. We drove to the bay, which is only about five minutes from my house. I was hoping to show him some sea creatures but unfortunately we only saw a dead starfish, and billions of barnacles. He didn't mind, and with the enthusiasm of a typical four year old, he did what all little boys do best. He threw rocks into the water. Would you believe that he asked first if it was ok?! What a kid!
He was thrilled when two long trains went by. We were so close we could feel the vibration.
Here's the beach looking east to South Hill in the little town of Fairhaven

I couldn't resist getting a picture of this strange seaweed. I don't know what type it is but I think it's fascinating. Every rock on the beach was as covered with barnacles as this one is. I wonder if that means that the water is not as polluted as it is in other areas? Or maybe the barnacle's have just become accustomed to it.

I've been a bit behind with my blogging lately. Fall has fallen and there is always the harvest. It seems everything needs done at the same time. I cleaned out my freezer to make room for the 15 apple pies I made. I get the pies all ready to bake, then wrap and freeze them. Then on a lazy winter day when I'm having company, I can just make a few cuts in the top crust and pop it in the oven.

This afternoon I mowed the lawn, also picked more gravenstein's and blackberries. The berries will be frozen for some cold winter day treats and the apples will soon be sauce.

I'll get around to visiting your blogs soon.

Till then, God bless all.



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