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Sunday, February 17, 2008


"Who? ME? I didn't do anything!"

We've had some nice sunshiny days here so I 've been getting out to do some yard work. It has warmed up to about 45 degrees which feels like heaven after all the freezing temps we had. Yesterday I had my pups out in the back yard with me for about a half hour or so. It's all fenced so I let them run while I worked. I have three lots so the back yard is very large and there's lots of bushes etc.

When I figured the pup's had been out long enough I put them in the house and went out to work a while longer. I really over did and by the time I came in I was really dragging my hiney. All I wanted was to wash up and sit and rest a while, so after I got the mud off I flopped down on the couch. Immediately my little Matilda, came over for some cuddling. Toodles was in one of his favorite resting places, on the back of the couch looking out the window.

As soon as Matilda climbed on me I got a whiff of the most disgusting odor imaginable. It actually made me shudder. I set her on the floor in a hurry and then grabbed Toodles to see if he was wearing the same 'perfume." he was.

I ran in and filled the bathtub then tossed Matilda in. I was not as gentle as usual and she got a good scrubbing. Two shampoos and the odor was still lingering. I did the same with Toodles. I dried them off and changed the cover on the couch, changed my clothes and washed everything they may have come in contact with.

The odor is gone today. Or maybe I am just used to it. ???

Today I searched the back yard to find what they had rolled in but found absoultely nothing. I will have to try again and I won't let them out again until I find what it was and can get rid of it.

I'm pretty sure it was a dead animal or bird. It was obviously some kind of rotting flesh.

Why do dogs do that?

Well I guess I have just written the most disgusting post I have ever done.

Have a good week anyway.



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