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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thanks so much for your prayers, my granddaughter who has meningitis is now home from the hospital and recovering. My two great granddaughters awoke totally healed from their sickness and are perfectly well today.

A Texas friend sent me the following story concerning my Psalms 91 post. I think it deserves a post. Thank you sweet Texas Rancher. I have omitted the names of her family but the story is just as she wrote it.

"Some 15 years ago I was watching TV and heard the actor, Jimmy Stewart, tell a story. I sat transfixed as he told the following. Jimmy Stewart, the actor, was a WWII Bomber pilot of great distinction. He was never shot down and after the war rose to the rank of Brigadier General. As he went to the train station to leave on assignment, his father, an old Scots man of few words, accompanied Stewart. Jimmy Stewart said his family didn't hug each, but were quiet and stoic. He said his father shook his hands and handed him a folded letter, which he placed in his pocket. After the train left the station, Stewart took the folded letter out of his pocket and saw that his father, the quiet man, had written the entire 91st Psalm on that paper. Stewart said he folded the letter back up and placed it in his billfold and he carried it the entire war.

So, when my son left home for the Air Force Academy I did the same. And I added the story above. My son carries that in his wallet all the time, along with a xeroxed copy of a note that his father has carried (from his grandfather) since Vietnam.

So, the 91st Psalm means alot to this family. I am praying for all your family.

We are all going through testings right now (the family of God) and He is working his will out in our lives. Sending love and blessing.



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