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Friday, December 21, 2007


Here is my youngest at five years. His sister made him some bell-bottom pants that he loved to wear. His older siblings were wearing sea farers which were bell bottom hip huggers and Shawn wanted some too. He thought he was 'way cool!' (can a great grandma use this expression?)Shawn and his older brother Michael found our Christmas tree in the woods behind my mom's place. This was our first year living across the street from where I grew up, where my mom still lived, and my two sisters also had homes beside us. My folks had bought the entire end of the street in 1949 and gave their three daughters each three lots to put homes on so we could all be close to one another. Now I just have my youngest sister and her husband next door, and their youngest daughter and her family. My middle sister lives about 20 miles away, and mom is with the Lord.


Here is my oldest son Michael with his new guitar and amp. Oh how he loved it, and even though he didn't have lessons, he picked it up pretty fast. He had an ear for music. I can remember the shirt he was wearing in this picture too. He loved it as well and the ties the boys were wearing were one of his favorite things during those years.


Well now we are getting into the beginning of my grandma years. This sleepy little darling is my first grandchild, who I called Jamie Bug. Actually I still call him that occassionally. He is about two and a half here. This is Christmas morning before opening presents. We bought a tree this year.


Here's Jamie Bug again at four and a half. His daddy is watching him open a gift. You can see some of my cactus collection on the table in the background. I tried and tried to get them to bloom but they never did so late one fall I got mad and put them all out on the front porch where they froze to death! Served them right too. I wanted flowers.


Here's my youngest at 12 years old. He is 38 now. I don't know what he is opening but he looks very interested. We had a Silver Fir Christmas Tree that year. They are very symmetrical and fun to decorate.

I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup today and had some for supper, Soup is the perfect thing for these cold days.

My neighbor came for a short visit and brought me some popcorn balls and Divinity, which encouraged me to make some Christmas treats, so I made some Chocolate Scotcharoos and Rice Krispie Treats with chopped up gum drops mixed in for color.

I still have to give the pups a bath tonight any myself too so I better stop and get at it.

Have a blessed week end.




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