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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here's some of the kitchen crew hard at work. The smell of the turkey roasting made my tummy growl like a starving lioness!

Ohhhh, the anticipation!!! Turkey, Ham with pineapple glaze, mashed potatoes and the most delicious gravy I ever ate! Kernal corn, green bean casserole, cauliflower with cheese sauce, Sweet Potatoes with mandarin slices, rolls, Sweet and garlic dill pickles & olives. What a feast!

Kid's & Desserts just seem to go together. Here is Johny, Hailee and Kenny trying to decide. The Banana Cream Cake I made wasn't on the table yet, but there was a pistachio cream dessert, pumpkin pie, Blackberry cream pie, Some kind of chocolate bundt cake, cookies, and candies.

We had a little surprise party for my Patty-Jo, who recently graduated from her Master Gardner class. Golly I sure am proud of her. Just look at all the help she has while opening her presents. LOL

Kenny is having a wonderful time. He's a happy little four year old who's smile is delightful and laugh is contagious. He is a wonderful child and a precious gift.

Here's Kenny's baby sister Victoria. She's having a great time too. Lots of aunties, her poppy, and grandma's to hold her and lots of cousins to play with too. Another delightful great grandbaby for me to cherish. She very much resembles my Patty-Jo when she was that age.

Here is Ethan, totally healed of seizures by the Grace and mercy of Almighty God. He's a happy, and bright 7 month old now and the only red headed great grand baby I have. What a cutie. He is teething and just learned to crawl. Is that smile another winner or what!

This is an interesting picture of the babies. We weren't sure if Ethan was trying to kiss cousin Victoria, teethe on her head, or suck her nose, but he just kept trying to get hold of her.

They say turkey meat will do this to you. Something about an enzyme or something. I was about ready to shove little Maddie over and flop down beside her!

I was blessed to see all of my children on this day. I only wish my oldest grandson and his family lived close enough to share these wonderful family days with us.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a sweet as mine.




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