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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear little hands choose stones found and polished by their Great-Great Grandparents, Ken and Irene. Oh so careful in the choosing. This is the day to make stepping stones.
Auntie Patty leads them in many new adventures.

The men mix and pour the cement into the molds while fascinated little ones watch. No Kenny, you cannot make mud-pies.

The wait seemed long before the cement was set up enough to decorate, and oh boy did they have fun. Off came the shoes and socks, and in goes the foot into the cold squishy cement to make a footprint. Cyndi was close by with the hose to wash off the feet quickly and dry them with a big fluffy towel.

Hailee presses a fallen leaf into the cement to make a design. Ever so carefully her finger as light as a feather. Beautiful job Hailee!

Tyson presses a treasured stone carefully into the cement. Did you ever see a little boy so gentle with his hands? Good job Tyson!

David helps Dylan make a footprint in his stepping stone. He cooperated so well and then got that icky stuff off his foot. His brother Tyson watches.

Auntie Patty helps get Johny started with the decorating, and he has lots of lovely stones and leaves to press in. I think he did one of the clearest footprints.

Oh yes, little Victoria had her turn too. She didn't seem to mind the cold cement between her little pink toes. Uncle David hands her back to mommy.

Finally they are all decorated. All eight of them. With pretty stones, leaves and ferns, Now the much longer wait for them to set up. It will take about two days, so lets have some fun now after all that hard work!

Tyson and Dylan have a forest adventure. Watch out for the bears and cougars, boys, and the lions and tigers too. Actually there are bears and cougars in this forest.

This is a nice picture. click on it to see it better.

This little road is not traveled much and is grown over with grass and other interesting things to see. Aunt Patty spotted a spider making a web from one tall grass stem to another. When she asked the little ones if they knew what it was, Kenny said, "It's Charlotte." Kenny is a sweetheart!

This interesting little flower was growing on the weed covered road. The blossom resembles an aster or some sort of daisy. I couldn't bend over far enough to smell it and didn't want to disturb someting so pretty.

This colorful leaf landed on what looks like a Colorado Blue Spruce. The fall leaves were all around us, a reminder that the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are over and old man winter will soon be coming for a visit.

Kenny and Maddie doing what four year olds do best. Just being kids. Or maybe this is their welcome to old man winter.....I'm with you kids!

After a long and hard day working with the little ones and making a delicious dinner for everyone, my Cyndi made a double batch of candy cookies, Chocolate peanut butter flavor. A perfect end to a perfect day.

And God bless you everyone.



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