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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Among mother's cookbooks, I found this colorful little 1924 booklet about JELL-O.
I think the pictures are cute. Here a gentleman runs to save a carton of the jiggly stuff that fell from his wagon, from an oncoming train. He will be every child's hero! Or who knows, maybe he loves the stuff himself!

A special wedding gift. I'm sure he plans to be a frequent visitor. The artist captured the feel of the oldtime parlor. See the wonderfully carved table, the clock and all the interesting do-dad's?

Making sure Daddy has enough Jell-o for his trip. Don't you love how the little girl has her arms full? And how do you like the colorful floor?

This picture made me smile. It is so realistic. See the little boy with his knee in Grandpa's chin and dear old grandpa, getting his hair yanked out but still smiling in delight. And here's grandma, bringing on the Jell-O!

I guess this post wouldn't be complete without some instructions and a few of the recipes from this relic.

Whipped Jello

With a Dover or Ladd egg beater Jell-O can be whipped easily as heavy cream is whipped. And whipping Jell-O opens the way to a great many desserts altogether different in appearance and even in flavor from the un-whipped variety.

Bavarian creams and "snows" and "whips" of many kinds are made easily and economically of whipped Jell-O.

How to whip Jell-O

Begin to whip the jelly when it is cool and still liquid-just as it begins to thicken, and whip until it is the consistency of whipped cream. Keep the Jell-O cold while whipping by setting in a bowl of cracked ice, ice water or very cold water.


Dissolve a package of lemon Jell-O in one-half pint boiling water. Cool slightly, then add one-half pint juice from canned pineapple. When cold and beginning to thicken, whip until it will drop from a spoon in a lump like mass, and quickly fold in one cup grated pineapple. Add two cups sweetened, whipped cream. Pile lightly in stem glasses and garnish with cherry or pineapple.


Drain liquid from one can asparagus tips. Add one tablespoon vinegar and enough water to make a pint. Add to this one-half cup chopped celery, one-fourth teaspoon salt, one small onion. Simmer a few minutes. Strain and add package of lemon Jell-O. Line the bottom of mold with Jell-O and let harden. Then place the asparagus tips with strips of green pepper and pimento, and turn the remaining Jell-O over it. Set away to harden. Turn out on lettuce leaves and serve with mayonnaise dressing.


Did you know that they used to make Chocolate Jell-O? Not pudding, Jell-O.

For special parties my mom used to make Rainbow Jell-O. She had to let each layer set up before adding the new color. It was beautiful when she sliced it and we could see all the colorful layers.

Another rainy day here.



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