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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In 1949 my parents purchased a little house at the end of a dead end street. They owned several lots, taking up over half a block on both sides of the street. I was ten years old. My two younger sisters and I loved running through the fields of tall grass and exploring the wooded hills behind the house.
The house itself was tiny with only one bedroom and another very small room which was used for we girls. I often wondered who had lived there before us and learned a man named Nolan had.
When we grew up our parents gave each of their daughter's three lots to put a house on so we could all be close together, and eventually that came to pass and it was absolutely wonderful with mom and we three sisters all in our own neighborhood.
day when I was doing yardwork a lady came and asked me if I knew anything about that little house. I told her I had grown up in it. She said that her ex-husband had also lived there and would I please send him some pictures and info about the little house.
I did, and forgot about it until several years later, her ex-husband, John called to thank me for the pictures. I learned that Nolan was John's stepfather and John, his brother and their mom had lived in the little house.
John and I have kept in touch by phone since then. He lives in Maryland and I'm on the other side of the USA, so we have not actually met.
However John is a Christian man so it seems we have a lot to talk about.
John was being treated for prostate cancer a while back, and I asked everyone for prayer for him. Apparently it worked and he was fine for quite some time.
John recently called, again asking for prayer. His test numbers have gone up again and his doctor has suggested he find a Chemo Specialist.
Our God is a God of Love and mercy. John and I, and many of you know that Heavenly Father has the power to heal us from our sicknesses. We have seen His power many times. So please keep him in your prayers.
Thank you and God Bless.



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