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Saturday, September 15, 2007


All through our lifetime we meet those certain people who have a special way about them and they just sort of take up residence in our heart.
They come and go but like the saying goes, 'some leave footprints in our heart."
There is a sweet lady who has come to my computer dilemma rescue on more than one occasion. You know her too. She visits our blogs quite regularly.
lately I've been wanting to get the 'kindness matters' award into my side bar but didn't know how.
This sweet lady came to my rescue and guess what?
She put it there for me. Now I'm just like the 'big kids!"
She is a wonderful writer with a superb sense of humor and always has something interesting to say.
She has some incredible recipes to share also, so if you haven't visited her recently, you better get yourself over and say howdy to sweet Diane. Your mouth will water when you see what she's cooking for Sunday dinner!



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