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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some of the little girl's in our family get a train cake on their 4th birthday just like the boy's do. They are just decorated a bit differently.
The family planned a trip to Disneyland for next spring, but the little ones don't know they are actually going in two weeks. What a fun surprise! The carousel is a little hint.

Maddie's Nana (Grandma) decorated her cake and her daddy made the frosting. Her daddy and her auntie Miranda make beautiful cakes too. Isn't the color pretty? See Maddy in the train engine window?

Here's our Birthday Girl. She cries or holds her hands over her ears when the Happy Birthday song is sung at anyone's birthday, so her Nana counted to three and we all just said "Happy Birthday Maddie." As you can see she handled that just fine.

Oh boy, rip that package open! Maddie's cousin Kenny looks just as excited as Maddie. Big sister Julia is helping.

Another package, What can it be? Birthday presents are so much fun!

Her very own Bible. A children's version. She will love the stories and pictures, and she will learn important lessons that become a big part of her life.

In her new Angel costume holding her new baby doll. She is pleased. I'm not too sure about that look in her eyes. I hope she remembers that she's an angel!

All that excitement can tire out even the cutest little birthday girl angel.


Great Grandma "mimi' Loves you.



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