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Monday, December 17, 2007

1959 My three little girls on Christmas morning.
I remember the giggles and whispers, and the sparkling eyes of my little ones when Christmas was near. I can't help smile as I remember bringing packages into the house telling them 'not to peek' and watching their excitement mount as they danced around me hoping I might drop something. Oh, they will never know how much joy they brought me. You see, I shared their excitement. It was contageous!
1962 and now we also have a little boy to join in all the fun, and he sure did!
This picture was taken at my folks on Christmas morning.
Our Christmases were very busy as we had Christmas Eve with my husband's family. He had eleven brother's & sister's and all had many children & grandchildren so they had to rent a hall to hold us all. It was fun to be a part of such a large family.
Then we had our own Christmas gifts right after a bit of breakfast on Christmas morning, and as soon as that was done we went to my folks and had another gift exchange with them and my two younger sisters. It was hectic but it was sure a lot of fun, and I truly miss it.

1963 and here they are with some of their gifts. This was taken Christmas Day evening with dollies for the girls and a pretend gun for Mikey. They always got several gifts from their dad and me, and also from their grandparents and my sisters. As you may know, this was the year of Chatty Cathy, whose voice became very annoying after three days. I was secretly hoping her string would break!

1964 Yep, daddy got a box of tea. He was quite a tea drinker back then and was always complaining because we had run out. I made sure he had some for Christmas morning at least. If you look out the window you will see that we had a beautiful snowy Christmas. And yes, those are old wagon wheels and an oxen yoke at the entrance to our little farm.

1966 and here's Mikey holding a ceramic Santa. This little boy absolutely loved Christmas. He was always the first one to remind me that we needed a Christmas Tree, even in September! LOL

He loved putting all the decorations on tables and the tree too. And he especially loved it when mama began the Holiday baking.

I plan to post more pictures of my precious Christmas memories, so next time you plan to visit grab a cup of something nice and relax a while.

God bless you all with a lovely Christmas Season.

Hugs & Prayers!



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