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Monday, December 24, 2007


Here I am again, all be-pillowed, with gifts for everyone. I only did this for two years. I can't begin to tell you how hot and uncomfortable it was in that sweat suit with pillows packed all around inside. I thought I was going to melt!
The good part was when I took it all off and was in my regular clothes. I felt like I had lost about a hundred pounds!


Here I am with my second daughter Kathy. My girls all came to my house and we had a nice supper, then went to Bellingham's famous Mt. Baker Theatre to hear the Tenors sing. They are a group from England. It was a very special night.


Here I am holding my puppies with some of my children and their mates. They come the Saturday after Thanksgiving and decorate for me. Usually they do the outside lights and sometimes they help with inside decorations too. We have a soup supper and some great family time. I love it.


I have posted this picture before. My little Toodles was such a good sport to let me put this silly Santa hat on him and take a few pictures. He couldn't wait to get it off though and after he did, he ran all over the house rubbing his head on everything in sight, as if he was making certain there wasn't any part of the thing still left on his cute little head!

I can think of many captions for this picture, but how do we date it?
Jesus is the alpha and the omega, He is from everlasting to everlasting.
Of all the many blessings I have received, my precious family and friends, freedom, living in a land of plenty, and all the thousands of 'things' that make my life comfortable and fun, the gift of our Lord Jesus is what makes it all worthwhile. For through Him we have the promise of eternal life.
It doesn't have to end when we stop breathing. There is more.
We are not the body we live in, we are a spirit, living in a disposable body.
Thank you Lord Jesus for your gift of eternal life.



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