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Friday, December 28, 2007


Above is Ethan and his daddy. Ethan is doing great, smart as can be, cutting teeth and crawling too. Thank you for all the prayers for this sweet little guy!

Here's sweet little Victoria. She and Cousin Ethan thoroughly enjoyed their first Christmas and the family thoroughly enjoyed them!

I took a lot of pictures of these little sweethearts. In this shot I just had to use a tray of cookies as a prop. I assumed they would reach for them but I didn't know they were fast enough to grab them.

They did, and of course they went right in their eager, little mouths! Victoria and Ethan had their first taste of Christmas treats and Great grandma was the one who made them. These little ones only have about four teeth between them so they only got a taste before the rice krispie treats were replaced with teething cookies.

It looks like Victoria was trying to decide if she wanted to share her cookie with Ethan whose mama had taken his away because he manages to bite off chunks.

Oh the heck with it!!! I'll eat my toes for Christmas!
His grandma Kathy watches and hopes a tooth doesn't bite down too hard.
Dylan, Tyson and Johnny enjoy our soup, bread and salad supper. Cyndi made a lovely seafood chowder and I brought chicken veggie soup with noodles. ( My great grandkids like it and call it Mimi soup) We also had chips and salmon dip, a tray of crackers, cheese and venison sausage, barbequed smoky sausages and I can't remember what else.
Here is miss Julia, my oldest great granddaughter. Isn't she a lovely young lady?
This is Julia's younger sister, Miss Hailee Michelle. This little lady is just as pretty as a picture! She loves babies and is a pro at taking care of Victoria.

Miss Madalyn is the third sister and at age 4 she is already showing us what a beauty she is. She also has a unique personality. But I will go into that later. (((smile)))

Kenny spent most of the day playing with the new trucks that Santa brought him. However at one point he snapped to attention while eating his salad, to inform me that Santa has magic dust he uses so he can get down the chimney. This picture was taken toward the end of the day and all the children were beginning to droop. So were the rest of us for that matter.

I wasn't going to post this picture but it has tickled me so here it is. It seems that Tyson is expressing his thoughts about having to eat anything else. He was full up! We all brought pies. And would you believe that out of all the different kinds of pie in the world, each of us brought an apple and a pumpkin pie. How's that for being on the same brain train? And my great grandson Johnny who is an apple pie connoisseur said mine was the best. (it was homemade the others were store bought)

Here my two youngest daughters are saying good-by. Cyndi is holding her tired little granddaughter Madalyn whose big blue eye is peeking through her hair. It was snowing the whole day long and by the time we were leaving, the roads were covered and all was white. We had Christmas day at Cyndi and her hubby's home which is high up in the mountains and was a long drive home for us.

It sure felt good to get back into my warm little house and put on my nightie and make a hot cup of tea.

Christmas and family are wonderful, but there's no place like home.

Here is my house with Christmas lights glowing. (click on pictures for a better view) We didn't have a white Christmas, just those at higher elevations did. However we did have snow about two weeks before and it was really pretty with the christmas lights on. I have blue lights all along the fence in the front yard and on the deck, and as you can see I have some other colors on the shrubbery.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and made some precious memories. I sure did.

Love & Hugs!



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