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Monday, July 21, 2008


Did you ever buy a plant that has no marker in it so even though you knew what kind of plant it was you had no idea what color it was? that's what I did with this Oriental Poppy. I was almost certain it would be the bright orange that we see so much of and even though Orange is not my favorite color I knew I would be happy with it.
The first year it grew but didn't bloom. This year as I was sitting on the lawn swing I noticed buds forming. I often talk to my Heavenly Father so as I sat there I said, "Lord I don't know what color this poppy is but I know that orange is most common and even though it isn't my favorite color I will leave it to you and if you want me to have an orange poppy then I thank you for it." About a week later when it opened it's salmon 'pink' petals, I felt Heavenly Father's love.

Here is my yellow begonia. It's new for me this year and it is HUGE!!!! See my dog Toodles standing beside the big flower pot? I planted two in this pot but the other, a pink didn't do well at all. It's now in it's own pot and I hope it will improve. It has a blossom developing. I'm excited to see what it looks like.
Here is the Begonia my sister gave me years ago. I could never get them to grow but she started this one then gave it to me. In the fall when it begins to die down I dig up the big bulb and wash it off and let it dry on the counter a few days then store in in my vegetable crisper drawer throughout the winter. In February I start again it in the house. It is also quite large and as you can see the blossom is wonderful. Begonias don't have a fragrance but in Heaven I bet they do.
Just look at the velvety purple of this petunia! And in the evening it's perfume is just fanastic. I used lots of compost and steer manure this year and my flowers are thanking me.
Well, we all have one sometimes. I call this little lady "Pansytude"

I hope you enjoyed seeing these lovely gifts as much as I do.

Thank you all again for your prayers for those listed in my pr4evious blog. No updates yet but I'll let you know when there is.

Also I want to remind you to check out BigDadGib's Christian Bloggers Online site. This is new and promises to be a wonderful blessing to Christians as well as glorifying to the Lord.

Love, hugs & prayers



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