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Saturday, August 02, 2008

I got news today the my Friend John in Maryland is slowly improving. I spoke with his brother and he said it's looking good.
My granddaughter's surgeon got another x-ray and said there is not a blood clot in her leg but there is a blockage of some sort. He is scheduling surgery to do a bypass. And the news that relieved us all is that she is not in any imminent danger!
My children's father has learned that the cancer is not in his bone marrow. This is good news. I haven't heard yet what treatments he will have.
My friend Joan in Canada is still fighting that infection. I haven't heard from her or her son, but did get a little update from my cousin.
'Joan if you read this, please know there are many praying for your healing.
We love you and want you well so we can get together for lunch again soon.'
Well that's the update dear friends. Please keep praying. He isn't finished yet.
God bless all



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