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Sunday, September 21, 2008


These sweet little flat heeled shoes are being worn by my great granddaughter Victoria. Her dear little baby feet dressed just as they should be at a year old. No high heels and no foot binding as the ancient Chinese once did. Her mama is holding on to her long enough for me to snap the picture.

Way back in the late 60's we moved to a large country rambler with a few acres of land for our horses. I planted flowers everywhere and eventually worked my way to a wooded area beyond the garage driveway. It was filled with brush but I tacked the job with a vision of a lovely woodsy looking garden. One day as I was pulling roots and brush out I began finding a Lot of little toys. Cars and trucks and some little rubber toys I think were called creepy crawlers or something like that. Some looked like reptiles and insects in neon colors of pink and orange etc.

On this particular day I was getting a bit weary of my job when I picked up a bright orange toy to toss into the driveway. I only held it for a moment because it began to wiggle in my hand. When I realized that I was not holding a toy I let out a wild shriek and tossed it.

Did I ever say that I do not have a good relationship with reptiles?

Things that slither make me shiver!

To change the subject, it has been rainy and damp here and I am finding some toadstools/mushrooms I can't identify. Anyone know what they are?
These first two were growing int he gravel where I park my mower. The first one is about two inches in diameter and the second is about an inch in diameter.
This one is not the same as the first. It has a very flat cap and was about two inches in diameterHere's Bambi's daddy. Yes he is a magnificent stag, but I have to confess that when he is eating my tulips, or using my Rhody's to rid his antlers of velvet I have thoughts of shooting him with something other than my camera.
Have a good week everyone.
God Bless



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