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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have had several days of rain so I'm not getting much done outdoors.
However, when the rain comes I am not without entertainment.
My desk is loaded, the coffee pot is full, my pen's and tablets are handy and I have files and scraps of paper with notes scattered all over. At times I feel a little claustrophobic and have to take a break. Tracking down ancestors is not as easy as it may seem. My sister Bonnie and I have been searching for the ancestors of our second great grandpa for years.
James Monroe Banks born in 1792 in PA. Ever heard of him?

Here are some of the ancestors we have been able to learn about. We get info from other relatives and a lot from the Internet too. It isn't enough to just fine their name and dates, I want to know what sort of people they were and where and how they lived. Here are more of my ancestors. I think it is so odd to see them pictured among such modern day tools. See my Computer speaker, camera and mike? You Can also see a picture of my kidlet's that was taken around 1971, and a few of my oil paintings.

Looking through my bean patch, over my tiny garden, to the little flower garden I call my 'Sugar Lump' to the fence and rose garden and on to my sisters garden next door. I love fun pictures like this. If you enlarge it you will see all the cucumber blossoms and maybe even a few squash. I took this one a few days ago when the rain stopped for a few minutes.

The Crocosmia are blooming nicely right now. And even though orange is not my favorite color it sure brings the yard to life now that most everything else is spent. I found bulbs for yellow ones this year and expect they will begin blooming next year. I still want to find some red ones. They are taller and just gorgeous!
Just look at this perfect rose bud. I started this one way back around 1996 from a rose my son gave me. This plant has been a delightful surprise, blooming from May till it freezes, and it is loaded with flowers!
Ok-ok I know there are lots of weeds growing in my garden. This low growing one is called purslane and is edible if you enjoy the flavor of dirt. That is what it tastes like to me. I think the bean vine growing around my little garden tool is so cute I just had to show you. Bean's aren't choosy about where they vine. I have some growing on my back deck, vining around the back of my Bistro chairs.
The tiny viola's are blooming in my gravel again. They reseed so easily and apparently the seed pods pop and shoot seeds in every direction because they are growing all over out there.

This one made me smile. Doesn't it look like it's grinning?

I had to reschedule my tests because I came down with the creepin'crud on Saturday morning. We will try again next week.

I hope you are all having a great week.

Remember to pray for our troops and our wonderful USA!



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