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Friday, August 15, 2008


I talked with my friend John today. (He lives in Maryland) and is having chemo. He told me that he is not having any bad reactions to it and has not missed any work. He is in high spirits with a positive Christian attitude. I am so proud of him. We know it's the prayers of all of you including his Christian friends in Maryland that are bombarding heaven and touching the heart of our precious Lord. Thank you all and thank you Heavenly Father.
There is a facinating story about John and I and How we 'found' each other even though we live 3,000 miles apart.
One of these days I will share it with you.
We have even discovered that we were both in the same class in the same grade school here in Whatcom County in 1948. I am in the top row second from the left. John thinks he is the cute little guy on the far left in the middle row.
Click to enlarge the photo
I spent several hours with my granddaughter today. Her incision looks absolutely miserable It must be a foot long. There are both staples and stitches holding it together. Her surgeon found a two inch long blood clot blocking the artery in her leg. I thought they removed blood clots but they found another artery that she didn't have to have and used it to bypass the clogged artery.
She looks good and is getting around with the help of a walker right now. I am confident that she will be up and back to chasing after her two little one's before long. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. I have no doubt whatever that it is these prayers that have saved her.
It's been hotter than a firecracker here. The past few days I felt like I might melt like that witch in the Wizard Of Oz!
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot too but it's supposed to cool off the first of the week. That sure won't hurt my feelings!
I have a question. Sometimes one of the letters on my key board seems to get stuck and it will make the same letter many times, like tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthis. Does anyone know what causes that and how I can correct it. It is very annoying!
Love to all



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