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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First I want to say I got a bread machine through Free Cycle and need a manual or at least some basic instructions
It made by Regal Kitchen Pro and is model # 6761.
Can anyone help me out?
Did you know that Foxglove has hair? Neither did I. Click to enlarge and you can see the fuzzy head and the chin whiskers too.
I never saw a fox wearing one of these but I'd like to.

I call this my Schoolgirl rose because the mother plant was growing beside a neighbors house and I saw it every day when I went to and from school. The neighbors have been gone a long time and so is their little white cottage. But the rose is still growing wild and wonderful in what is now a field. I got a start and here she is growing on my back fence. I think she's beautiful.
Did you ever get snapped at by a dragon? Neither have I but if I do I'd hope it's this kind. See the brave little bug crawling down to say howdy?'
This is an interesting plant and I don't have a clue what it's name is. The yellow flower is much smaller than seen and grows in clusters at the tip of the stems which are around 2' tall. The leaves are a maroon color.
Here's a cute couple. Kitty says, "I don't care if your ears are so much bigger than mine, I love you anyhow!" Oh dear Lord, let us all love one another with this sweet kind of love."

I think this group of snapdragon blossoms sort of resembles a critter of some sort. Maybe floral a cow...
Oh how I wish you could get a whiff of this wonderful rose. The fragrance is incredible. This rose changes color as it ages and will end up being red and white. I just love this little sweetheart!
My swinging angel got a new paint job this spring. It's a little bright but it will fade out some. One of the sweetest things I have ever seen was when my great granddaughter Madalyn was just a toddler and saw this angel on my deck. She studied it for a minute then toddled over to it and began to push the angel so she could swing. It was just precious to see.
I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had to put net over my pond to try and keep out the blue herons, raccoons and dogs. Yes, dogs!! Some of the large neighborhood dogs have decided my pond is their public pool and jump in every time they get too warm. The net didn't stop them either. I was up there tonight and see that they have been skinny dipping again.
Oh how I love this gorgeous flower. I had several Portulaca last year but forgot to get them this year. I missed them very much. You can be sure they will be on top of my list next year. I grew them in big pots on the north deck and they thrived.
I had a big day. Met my new Cardiologist who ordered three tests which will be coming up this month. I'm thankful for the tests and new med's and all the modern medical technology but I'm not looking forward to having the tests done.
Some prayers wouldn't hurt my feelings.
Love to all and goodnight



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