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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


They had a local bakery do their cake but it wasn't done right. It was about the nakedest looking cake I ever saw. My daughter and I picked it up to drive it to the ranch where the wedding took place but we stopped first and picked up some silk flowers and when we got it delivered we decorated it.
This is what we did. The cake top ornament the couple chose is a snow dome with their picture in it. I think it's just darling. In the next picture you can see them better.
Do you see my little pink doves too? I have to get them on all the cakes I decorate. I'm really sort of glad the bakery didn't do anything but put the blue ribbon around them because as I told my grandson. "Grandma got to decorate your cake after all." They didn't ask me to make their wedding cake because we had been doing so many they thought it would be too much for me. Are they precious kids or what? Here the groom is getting a hand with his tie from his brother Luke.
Seeing them now as grown men makes my head spin. It was just yesterday they were little boys.

The wedding begins.
Here the ring bearer leads Ethan to the front where his parents await their vows. When he got there he did a perfect little boy thing and threw himself on the floor and proceeded to try and get away. His grandparents ended up holding onto him while his parents said their vows. Ethan is 16 months old now.Can you just see the love? Jake and Jenn have been together for several years and have been through a lot with their little son being so ill when he was a new born. Many of you remember he had seizures and I asked for prayer. Again my heartfelt thanks for your Christian love and your faithful prayers. As you can see, Ethan is a perfectly healthy and very intelligent little boy. Praise be to Almighty God!
Their first kiss as Mr & Mrs.
Another special event took place this day. They had little Ethan Dedicated to the Lord. Do you think that made this old granny happy. OH MY!!!! I could have squealed just like a perfectly delighted little piggy!

The dancing begins and our beautiful bride danced first with her dad, then her new husband and in this shot with her ring bearer.
It wasn't long before the children were all doing their own interpretations of dance. I love watching them because they are so original and not really caring what anyone thinks. They know how to have fun.
My great grandson Dylan and the Ring Bearer had a very original dance. I have seen lots of dances but never saw this one before. It was fun until Dylan didn't duck his head low enough when he dived between the ring bearer's legs and the ring bearer had to hide himself under the table until the pain subsided. I didn't see them dance after that.
The end of a perfect day.
I absolutely love this picture.
Ethan looks so happy, and obviously his mama and daddy are too.
God bless you Jake and Jenn and little Ethan.



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