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Sunday, June 14, 2009


This little rose is growing from rootstock that had a graft that didn't survive one cold winter. I think it's pretty and it smells good too so I let it grow. Besides Mr. & Mrs Sparrow like posies beside their cottage.
My garden looks sort of odd with the newspaper and grass clippings around everything but the plants are thriving with the mulch. I actually took this picture of the Elephant Garlic growing to the left of the garden. I am five foot six and a half and the garlic is taller than I am.

I did more tilling and just have a small area left but need to finish transplanting the flowers that are growing there before I till. I have two very large perennial Candy Tuft and some Sweet Willie's that I want to save. After I till this area, I will till over he entire garden one more time then rake it smooth. I 'm using my riding mower to pack it down and it works great. It's much easier than a roller and I can do wheelies too!

My Raspberries are loaded this year. Last year I put some 'black gold' compost on them and this year a half a bag of steer manure. I'd say they like it.
I have been eating Strawberries from my garden for the past few weeks. YUM!

The Martha Rose is lovely as it always is. This one I started from a twig I got from a dear old German Lady. She didn't know what it was called so I named it after her.
It's impossible to walk by this lovely blossom without taking time to bow my head and breath in it's incredible fragrance and praise God for it!
I wish you could smell it.

I have two Beauty Bushes. Both were also started from twigs. They are blooming like crazy this year. They aren't fragrant but they are so gorgeous I don't notice.

I know all these flowers have botanical names but I sure don't know them all.
This peony was here when I moved in in 1983. It looks good enough to eat! And that's about all I can say about it.

Blue Nigella is actually one of the few blue flowers I have. As you can see they turn more purple as they age, but just see what an intricate flower this is. Not just the blossom but the leaves are beautiful too.

Another Rose I don't have a name for. It was growing at the house my family moved to in 1949, which is just across the street from where I live now so I call it "Mom's Rose." I was told it is an heirloom English rose and it smells like one. It is a rambler and I have to fight the deer to keep it going. Whatever it is I love it. I do wish I knew it's name.

Last year, some Leaf beetles totally defoliated my Laburnum. "oops! I goofed. This was a Snowball Tree not a Laburnum which is a golden chain tree" I could have used a poison to treat the soil and try to be rid of the pests but because I have dogs and am not comfortable using pesticides where they play I decided to cut down the dear Snowball tree. I left the stumps and recently my kids moved one of my bird baths onto it. I see there is one I need to cut out but I think it makes a nice place for the birds to bathe. I need to get this garden weeded out but have to finish the tilling and lawn first. Besides, I think snakes are living in this weed patch!

We moved this bird bath to the place the other used to be. I like the blue Nigella beside it and Mom's pretty pink rose behind. The large clumps of greenery on either side are Phlox. One is salmon pink and the other is lavender. This is another plant the deer like to feast on so I have to keep blood meal on them in order to see any blossoms.

My pond Lily's are blooming right now. Five blossoms so far!!
Aren't they pretty? The neighborhood dogs think my pond is their swimming hole and jump in to cool off on hot days. It tears up the lily pads though so I try to keep them out.

Here's the mystery rose. It is reddish right now but changes to pink and even an orange color.
The little yellow blossom beside it is beautifully created. Many little yellow petals that become a fluffy orb of parachuted seeds for my little great grandchildren to blow wishes into.
I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for his delightful creations and for the senses he gave me to appreciate them, and for the common sense to know He alone created them.



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