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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I hope Spring has come to your yard as it has in mine. I love the brilliant colors of all the flowers that decorate my yard. It makes my heart sing!
Have you had your chocolate today? I just love this picture!

Here is a wonderful old flower we don't hear much about these days. There used to be clumps of Narcissus growing in the field across the street. My mom loved them for their beauty and wonderful fragrance. If you know where I can get bulbs of the heirloom variety, please let me know.

This is my grandson at about three. Johnny saw his great grandma (My mom) hobbling around with a cane and asked his mom what that stick was for.
She explained that she had a bad back and hips and it hurt her to walk and the cane helped her.
Johnny took it to heart.
A little later he fell and skinned his knee. After being bandaged he walked over to his great grandma, took her cane and proceeded to hobble around with a pained expression on his face just like she had when walking.

Ever been here?
Thanks to Mike & Shawn, I have.



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