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Friday, March 13, 2009


Hi everyone, this is Patty-Jo, Mama's daughter. Mama is in the hospital tonight. She hasn't been feeling well for several weeks, and thought she had a virus. This afternoon she began feeling weak and light headed, so we took her up to the hospital. After running several tests, it was determined that she did not have a virus or any type of infection.

Mama was diagnosed several years ago with coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Her doctors have been controlling her symptoms with medication since then. The emergency room doctor believes she may have developed a blockage in her heart. They will probably do an angiogram in the morning to find out what is going on. Tonight they are doing a cat scan on her brain to be sure she doesn't have a tumor or bleed or anything like that going on.

She isn't in any pain, she just feels really weak, light headed, and gets out of breath pretty easily. She's in good spirits; mostly annoyed that she couldn't come home. I'm sure she's a bit worried, but as I'm sure you all know, Mama trusts her Lord to be with her, and care for her. My son and I are staying at her house so her little dogs won't be alone, and so Mama won't worry about them.

Mama has lots of family who love her, but we all know that her blog family holds a special place in her heart. We are asking that you pray for Mama in whatever way the Lord leads you to. God bless all of you.



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